Monday, November 2, 2009

Hilary Swank in Town and Country

First, what is this magazine exactly? Who subscribes to it? I'm guessing people who live both in town and in the country? Do those people still actually exist? Well yes but are they interested in Amelia Earhart . . . my guess is no. They're interested in Hilary Swank though and she is quite striking looking. But don't read this expecting to gain any insight into either Swank or the real life character she portrays."Before I started, I only knew the textbook version of Amelia, so that was helpful because if you know a lot about a person, you're wondering why isn't that included?" True that I guess on the other hand, it seemed from this piece that Swank could have used a little more in the way of historical preparation. Don't get me wrong, given the right material I think she's a wonderful actress. Perhaps the interview suffers from the same fault as the movie, it's almost purposely vague. Not to mention extremely light reading, when the interviewer asks what Swank thinks about her subject's sexuality she responds, "She was a tomboy. Later she thought it inconvenient to wear dresses while jumping in and out of planes. It made her ahead of her time. Look how great her clothes were!" My favorite part of the interview is when she claims "I don't think Amelia and I look anything alike," adding, "that was a big challenge for me." Oh come on. When a friend said they'd cast someone as Amelia, I didn't even think, just said "Hilary Swank?" The best thing about the interview are the photos, in them Swank is swanky. The rest? I'll let you be the judge.

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