Monday, December 14, 2009

Socialized medicine

Amelia Earhart attended at least one I.W.W. meeting back when. She agreed with many of the views aired. Her sister Muriel writes "Amelia staunchly upheld her ideas of fair play especially in regard to the rights of those less fortunate." My own ninety six year old mother's dream was that there be universal health insurance in this country. Now, this morning I read that Senator Joe Lieberman, an abrasive and insincere man who might have been our vice president, (imagine!) is going to filibuster to make sure a watered down reform bill is never even brought to a vote. Americans apparently don't deserve medical care. Only members of congress do.

Every poll, every single poll supports a public option. People know what they want, and more to the point, know what they need. I am self employed and my own premiums went up thirty percent this year. Who can afford that? Meanwhile the insurance I buy doesn't cover anything. I find it astonishing and depressing that we are still fighting for something that is a basic human right. It is a right Amelia Earhart believed in, back in 1920. I find it appalling that my mother will not live to see even the most rudimentary change in a broken system. And that profit is all people like Joe Lieberman care about.

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