Tuesday, August 17, 2010

When Amelia Earhart stopped off at the Dakota . . .I miss you John

She stands in the crowd outside the Dakota. She begins to understand what must have happened after her plane was lost. Yes the circumstances are different. She died doing what she loved best. She understood the risks in it. John Lennon was trying his best to be private, to have a life apart from being a Beatle. Of course much was made of how he'd just recorded Double Fantasy, the murder committed by a crazed fan. Is there really such a thing?

I mourned John for weeks, frankly I miss him still. And I'll admit it, I loved John the most of the four. I loved him because he was clever, and had all the quips. He was the edgiest Beatle. When he was killed, I lost whatever naivete I had left. Funny that it was this that did it for me, though it had been chipped away in pieces. 1968 was a pretty bad year, but I was young then. I suppose that the young are less connected to their mortality, by the time John was murdered I was nearing thirty. It devastated me. So senseless.The man had done nothing but bring people joy. And of course aggravate the FBI to boot.

Amelia wonders about what happened in the days after her plane was lost. And in the intervening years. She was famous in much the same way John was, they both were claimed as icons. They both were made larger than life. Of course Lennon by turns enjoyed living his life in public, see bed-in, and abhorred it. Amelia was always careful to keep her private life, private. She wanted fame then, back when the parameters were easier to fix. But would she want it now? It's certainly a question, one that she tries to answer . . .


  1. So, how does she answer the question in your latest draft? Does she decide that the benefits of fame are worth putting up with all the invasions of privacy; crank letters; hands grabbing at her in crowds; ill-informed opinion pieces written about her; reporters pounding on her hotel room door when she's trying to sleep; etc.?

    By the way, what is the Dakota?

  2. The Dakota is the building where John Lennon lived, he was murdered there as he got out of his car by the same insane fan who had earlier gotten an autograph from him. It's also where Rosemary's Baby was filmed. It's this gothic building right near where I grew up on the Upper West Side, apartments are huge and go for an insane amount of money now. It's right opposite Central Park. And what she decides is in the book, but it's kind of the crux of it all, is fame worth it? Yes. No. Maybe. Let's see if she gets it right. Wait, let's see if I get it right. I'm finally being direct. What can I say, as slow learner?

  3. That's quite an artfully done evasion! :D

  4. The truth is she longs for fame, partly because she has to wonder how she matters in this new world, and who she is, yet she also enjoys being anonymous and having no responsibilities. How's that?

  5. So she wonders if there's a way to have her cake and eat it too. It'll be interesting to see what she comes up with.