Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Life as I Know It

I am now editing the novel and living life to its fullest (yes there's definitely some irony attached, it's been a hell of a year and still keeps rolling on, more on that later). I have a feeling I'll be using this blog accordingly, as a place to put down what it feels like to write and deal with the stresses of life as I currently know it. In the interest of full disclosure I'm not just Rose Duncan, I'm Naomi Rand. I've been anonymous because I was writing this novel under a pseudonym but I figure what the hell. If someone wants to publish it under that name, let them. If they want my real name that would be great too. For those who happen upon the blog, look me up on the internet. There I am in living black and white and sometimes color. And in the interests of total disclosure, I am now a blond. So far my fun quota is around the same as when I was a redhead and brunette.

I began writing this book because I wanted to write about friendship and how important it is for women. I had been thinking about the friends I made in my twenties and how they shaped me. What's been wonderful about writing it is that it brought all of that experience back to me so clearly. The section I'm editing deals with the two young women who are best friends at the ages of seventeen and eighteen. It reminds me how intense that time is and how important these fast friendships are, how we live with them and return to them. We share important milestones and depend on each other to listen, to offer support and a knowledge of who we were once, of who we are now . . .that's what this book is really about, it celebrates women loving women.

What it's brought back to me is how important my own friendships were and are. I value every one of them. And so, to Amelia, to Muriel, to Sam, to Lucy. To all the women who make life worth living. I raise a glass!


  1. Welcome back! Funny thing, just last night I was thinking about your blog and wondering if you'd ever come back to it.

  2. And a glass back at you! Looking forward to more...

  3. I'm back now, thanks to both of you. I guess it's just been a long hard slog but I do feel like this must be the end of it.