Sunday, February 14, 2010

guilty pleasure, project runway, and Amelia Earhart

Well, I'll admit it. I watch Project Runway and have since the very first season. Jay stole my heart then. It's something we do as a family, both my sons are fashion forward while I am fashion well . . . backwards might be a kind way of describing it. I do have moments though and I can appreciate when someone else basically pulls it all together in an engrossing delicious and absolutely astounding way. Back when, I veered between dressing like a woman in men's clothing complete with button down shirt, vest and tie and mini skirt, and dressing like a Victorian bride, albeit one who preferred hiking boots.

So here's my current ode to Amelia, found via the Internet, a great blog piece, and a great blog that I just discovered.I did feel Irina deserved to win, these pieces confirm that view. Frivolous, perhaps. But fashion does make the man, or woman.


  1. What a concept, Tupperware! I'm going to upgrade my sartorial look by dumping the cottage cheese out of that Tupperware in the fridge, poke a couple of holes in the container, and wear it on a string around my neck. :)

  2. Certainly frees up the washing machine. You can just rinse and rewear.