Thursday, February 25, 2010

Taking a break to rant, with a bow to Amelia Earhart

Perhaps it's the perpetual snow. Perhaps the realization that despite the endless snowdrifts accumulating outside my window, the tornadoes that we experience here on a
regular basis now, the torrential rains in the summer, the crawl that CNN provides while I row at the gym announcing Extreme Weather, despite all of this we still have idiots who tell us that global warming isn't coming, or isn't here, or doesn't exist, or isn't a problem. They are the same idiots who have decided to forgo any sort of meaningful regulation. No credit protection for consumers. No banking rules. They are the same morons who think our health insurance system is working out fine for us, perhaps they'd like to pay my ever increasing bills for an insurance that doesn't provide me coverage for much of anything.

I'm sick of them, I'm sick of all of it. I wanted to believe that we could change because despite all appearances to the contrary, I am an optimist. I wanted to believe that this government could provide something for its citizens besides hot air. Do I sound pissed off? Well I am.

What would Amelia Earhart think of this? I have some ideas, and since she's not here to speak, I'll offer them. She would wonder what was going on, she would ask that question, she believed in equal rights for women and worked hard to promote equality. She questioned war, in all its forms. Lady Lindbergh? Not as far as her politics went. She was friends with FDR. I have an old portrait that my father kept in my own office. Roosevelt was a great president, true I had quibbles, but boy are they quibbles now. I can live with quibbles, I can't live with cowardice. Yet that's what we get from our elected officials.

Amelia Earhart was the epitome of courage. Courage is standing up for whatever you believe in. Courage is having a belief, not trying to figure out what will be politically expedient for you.


  1. Let me encourage your ranting by proposing a scheme: send the "Party of NO" off to found their own new nation on some uninhabited Pacific island. Their new constitution must expressly forbid any regulation of banks, credit, health care, or any other big business. This society of mutual predators will quickly kill itself off, with the last person left drowning as the island is submerged by rising ocean levels.

    That's my guilty pleasure fantasy.

  2. Let's do it please, oh please. Ugh. I am so sick of hearing their self serving bullshit. Yet on it goes, on and on and on.