Friday, June 18, 2010

Departing from my main topic: Oil, and the government that we call our own.

What is wrong with us? Do we think we can just go on raping the environment forever? I guess the answer is "yes." I guess that no matter what happens we, as a species, never learn. I want to be optimistic, oh yes I do. I want to believe that we can change, that our children will have a chance to grow up and grow old, that their children will too. I want to imagine that nature will forgive us, but I'm thinking maybe not. I'm thinking maybe we don't deserve to be forgiven this time round, maybe we should go the way of the dinosaurs.

It's sickening to watch the oil pumping out all over the Gulf of Mexico. It literally turns one's stomach, and it's just as sickening, although also entertaining to listen to a professional moron who's been sworn to protect and serve apologizing to a multinational corporation. Every time I think, what next, I find myself surprised. And yes, I have plenty of issues with Obama but he has made quite a deal with the eminently creepy BP. He is trying and that is so much more than we have gotten used to. He is far far better than the spineless, witless, immoral alternatives.

I think back to Amelia's day, it was my parent's day too. FDR was my father's boss, my father toiled in the Justice department. Washington was a vibrant place to be, justice was something he believed was achievable. I think Amelia was so much of that time, she was also a person with strong liberal convictions. I know she would have been sickened by all of this, as I am, as many are, and I believe she would have spoken out, she would have used what bully pulpit she had at her disposal to try to make this right.


  1. I think everyone in BP management should be required to do some loooong tours of duty cleaning up beaches with buckets and shovels under the hot sun. The stockholders, too. Not that it would make much of a dent in the cleanup, but it's just appropriate.

  2. Oh, and they should be forced to eat polluted seafood from the Gulf.

  3. If they could find any that's still alive. . . we could both go on and on and on. Sickening.

  4. ...maybe we should "go the way of the dinosaurs", as you say...I'm glad mother Earth holds the trump card and will do with us what she will. In the meantime, can we figure out how to harness the energy from the sun so we can (maybe, please) stop desecrating the planet...