Sunday, October 18, 2009

amelia amelia amelia

Some people are telling me what great timing, look, there's a movie coming out about Amelia. Of course, I'm not really sure that it's good for me, bad for me, indifferent . . . the trailer for the movie has these sweepings shots that remind me of "I had a farm in Africa." Yes, I loved that movie, but somehow I don't think Amelia Earhart's real life story works in the same way, I think Hilary Swank is a terrific actress and a no brainer, she looks like Amelia Earhart. But Amelia's books aren't exactly literary masterpieces. She was reticent to a fault. Hilary isn't Meryl. And Richard Gere, definitely not Robert Redford in his prime. It opens this week. Who knows, maybe it will be fantastic but is that going to matter when I've written a novel where Amelia is one of four characters, and goes from being a ghost to being alive in 1980, mainly through the force of her need to put some things to rest. People are fascinated with her, I do know that, because I was and still am and there are always books and articles and obsessive pursuits of how she died . . . those same people might even be offended by my take on who she was, I definitely take liberties. Lots of them, both with her and with her family. Wait, if they're offended then I'll actually have a chance to sell a few books. Glory be.

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  1. But she's endlessly fascinating, isn't she? On the recent PBS special about Grand Canyon they talked about a young couple who went missing after a daring try at running the river's rapids in a homemade boat. Made think of Amelia and her ilk.