Saturday, October 24, 2009

Muriel the plane

A press release from San Diego Air and Space Museum.

"San Diego, CA - On Saturday September 5th, The San Diego Air & Space Museum is scheduled to receive "Muriel," a sister airplane to the one Amelia Earhart flew on her final flight 72 years ago. The Museum will assist with assembly and restoration of the Lockheed Electra L10-E for Grace McGuire, an aviator with hopes of completing Amelia's dream of flying around the world.

McGuire is the proud and passionate owner of "Muriel" one of only 15 L10-Es made and the only remaining one. She purchased the neglected remains of the vintage airplane in the 1980's and began to restore it to original condition. Once "Muriel" is ready to fly, McGuire plans to attempt the only complete duplication of Amelia's trip around the world. There have been several commemorative flights but never an exact duplication using the same type of aircraft, equipment and crew. . ."

You really have to wonder what Muriel would say about this, or at least I have to wonder.

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