Friday, October 23, 2009

the reviews are in

The Times this morning was scathing.Here's one take "a boring movie full of mockable dialogue, dreadful acting and long, supposedly poetic narration which could induce a coma if you don't have enough caffeine flowing through your veins." Please don't make me have to see it. Actually I could tell from the trailer, too many sweeping shots, and a voice over! Ugh. Another critic thought the movie was basically a trailer . . . I think I know why there's this reverence towards her. It's the filter she created still working in her favor, screening the real Amelia, keeping her at arm's length. Odd that in this confessional era, where everyone is willing to bare their navels, their souls, their sex lives, basically till you want to run screaming from them, she remains elusive. I'm sure that the boredom comes from the thinness of the characterization. Reverence can be incredibly dull. Yet I've spent three years with Amelia and I can tell you that she's intelligent, opinionated, driven, often generous and always selfish. But of course that's my take. Not Mira Nair's.

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